Office workers find that using a printer is more important than using a PC

Editor:浙江柏盈美打印耗材有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-03-15 

If you ask me what is the most commonly used equipment in the office, I might tell you it is a water dispenser. However, according to the latest research, the most important device is the printer. Yes, printers are more important than computers. Danwood conducted the above research and interviewed 1,000 office workers. 81% of the respondents regarded printers as the most important device, followed by pens (73%), staplers (71%) and PCs (70%) .

Nearly half of the office workers surveyed (46%) said they use printers to print documents every day, and 80% of office workers said they need these printed documents to complete their work. The survey shows that reviewing, posting, distributing presentation materials, application and review, and labeling are key factors that drive printing behavior.

The survey conducted a poll on human waste of resources, we should save everything, including paper. 73% of office workers said they are trying to reduce their dependence on printing. But the survey also found that 28% of office workers will print multiple copies.