Daily maintenance of photo printers

Editor:浙江柏盈美打印耗材有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-03-15 

(1) Do not remove the nozzle from the host and place it alone, especially under high temperature and low humidity. If it is left for a long time, the water contained in the ink will gradually evaporate, and the dried ink will cause the nozzle to clog. If the nozzle has become clogged, a cleaning operation should be carried out. If cleaning fails to achieve the purpose, replace the nozzle with a new one.

(2) Avoid hitting the nozzle surface with fingers and tools to prevent damage to the nozzle surface or blocking of the nozzle by debris or oil. Do not blow air into the nozzle, do not get sweat, oil, chemicals (alcohol), etc. on the nozzle, which may cause changes in the composition and viscosity of the ink and cause the ink to solidify and block. Do not wipe the nozzle surface with facial tissue, lens paper, cloth, etc.

(3) It is best not to turn off the power when the printer is in the printing process. The printer can be turned to OFFLINE state first, and the power can be turned off after the nozzle is capped, and finally the plug can be unplugged. Otherwise, for some models of printers, the printer cannot perform capping operations, and exposure of the nozzles to dry air will cause the ink to dry up.